10 Ways to Economize On Fuel

Saving fuel is much easier than it seems at first sight. We have compiled for you the basic rules to follow.
Pressure in tires
It is very important to control tire pressure. A flat tire leads to a significant increase in fuel consumption and tire wear. At the same time, high pressure, although reducing gas consumption, noticeably worsens the road-holding capacity. That is why when you get Chevrolet Camaro, it is necessary to observe the pressure norms set by the manufacturer.
Air filter
The condition of the air filter is very important for fuel economy. With the air filter clogged, it is difficult for the engine to “breathe” and the quality of the fuel deteriorates, therefore, the fuel consumption increases. As a result, a driver puts more pressure on the gas pedal, which also does not contribute to fuel efficiency.
Motor oil
Using the correct engine oil viscosity set by the manufacturer keeps the consumption within reasonable limits. Let’s say, you get Chevrolet Camaro and it requires oil viscosity 5W-30, but you poured 5W-40. Although higher viscosity protects the engine better, the consumption rate, in this case, will certainly increase. The internet sites which offer cars like Chevrolet Malibu for sale should specify which oil viscosity these cars require.
Driving with open windows
Driving with open windows significantly affect fuel consumption. Of course, while driving in traffic jams, an open window does not affect it in any way, however, as the speed increases, the consumption rate becomes higher. This happens as follows: airflows, which get into the cabin, slow down the car. To maintain speed, you have to push the gas pedal harder, hence the increase in consumption. So, if you have a temptation to open all your windows as soon as you get Chevrolet Camaro, you should think twice.
Air conditioning
To understand how AC affects the fuel consumption, let’s have a look at the way this device functions. The air conditioning compressor is driven by a belt drive directly from the crankshaft pulley. When the compressor is turned on, the clutch in it closes and freon begins to circulate through the system, cooling the air in the cabin. However, this process is extremely energy-consuming. In Chevrolet Malibu the working AC has virtually no effect on fuel efficiency, however, in cars with small engines, the consumption can increase by 10 percent.
Parking under the sun
In summer, try to leave your car in the shade. If you park your car under the scorching sun, you should expect that gasoline, when heated, will evaporate rapidly. In addition, an overheated cabin will require intensive work of the air conditioner, which can lead to an additional load on the generator, following an increase in fuel consumption.
Vehicle condition
It is evident that a technically faulty car will consume more fuel. Remember that old plugs, clogged catalyst, severe wear of the engine, low oil level in the transmission, etc. dramatically increase the fuel consumption. In conclusion, once you have found Chevrolet Malibu for sale, it is more profitable to keep it in good condition.