Why it Make Sense to Buy a Used Car from a Dealership

Buying a car is always an exciting proposition and if like many Australian motorists, you prefer to purchase a used car, there are obviously risks involved. The car might not be all it seems and when buying from a private seller there would be zero warranty – or sold as seen – which leaves a lot to be desired. How can one minimise the risk of buying a dud vehicle? The simple answer is to purchase from a reputable car dealer who will give you a fair warranty and a guarantee that the car is in fact, mechanically sound. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when buying a second-hand vehicle from an approved dealer.

  • Comprehensive Car Inspection – If, for example, you are looking at used cars for sale in Canberra, there are manufacturer approved dealers who sell both new and used vehicles and before they put any car on their forecourt, it must pass a thorough 90-point vehicle inspection. The dealer would have a very good reputation within the local community and they aren’t about to jeopardise that by selling a car that isn’t up to scratch.
  • Full Service History – The dealer often buys vehicles that were initially purchased new from them and as they have serviced the car since new, they are fully aware of the car’s service history. With a full service history (FSH), you can be sure that the car has been serviced at the recommended intervals and by looking in the rear section of the owner’s manual, you can check what work was actually carried out during each service. There would also be the service garage’s stamp in the manual, which is proof that the car was actually serviced by them and with all of this information available, you can make an informed decision regarding buying the car.
  • An Independent Car History Check – This is almost as good as a warranty and if an independent organisation carries out the check, you can be sure of the car’s history. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t take care of their car and when they are ready to sell, they do their best to make the car presentable, yet with an independent history check, you will know all the details about the car’s history from the day it was first purchased new right up to the present day.
  • Dealership Warranty – If the dealer is prepared to issue a warranty on a used car, you can be sure that they have thoroughly inspected the car and replaced or repaired any issues. If the car is only a couple of years old, you would likely receive a 6-12 month comprehensive warranty and for a little extra, you can take out a special mechanical insurance cover for extra peace of mind.

For the majority of Australian motorists, a nearly new car offers all of the benefits of a new vehicle, but at a significantly lower price and with the good name of the dealer at stake, it is very likely the car is in good working order.