The day of your driving test – what happens?

Based on my personal experience, and those who have taken their driving test who are close to me, we’ve put together an article, which should educate you in terms of what to expect on the day of your driving test.

Driving Test Day

You will discuss a time with your instructor as to how much preparation time you will need. Some people want a short amount of build up time – to get used to the nerves, then others want as much time as possible to practice. The average person maybe needs around one hour before the test to properly prepare the driving test. But, as stated above, this is something only you can decide.

What will I need on the test day?

  • Your provisional licence. If you don’t bring your provisional driving licence, the examiner will make sure your test is disqualified immediately. This is an absolutely essential item – you don’t want to lose the £62 fee and have to look for cancellation tests.
  • Your test booking details. This isn’t essential, but, it proves you booked your test to save any unwanted confusion.
  • Theory pass certificate. This is another item, which MUST be taken to the test centre. This shows that you are eligible to take your driving test and that you’ve passed your driving test.

When do I need to get to the driving test centre?

The majority of test centres do have available parking spaces – but others don’t (government cuts). Because of this, make sure you get to the test centre is good time beforehand. Turn up at least 15 minutes before the examination to make sure you get there in time, because the driving examiner could again cancel the test if you are late. You will also lose your fee for this, too.

Watch your surroundings

When you get to the test centre, take a look how you will pull out of your position. The first few minutes of your test will be the worst, so thinking about how you are going to approach the situation at the start can only help you. Another positive about turning up early is you can settle your nerves. You could sit down, relax, get a drink of water, have a chat with the other instructors and students waiting to sit their test.

Next up

Your name will be called out. Now, this is where you will have to show the driving examiner your provisional driving license and theory certificate. They will do, well, whatever the driving examiners do with the information.

Show me, tell me questions

You will now be asked some questions, you will have to answer them, or show the examiner how you do whatever he has asked you to do.

Finally, the practical test…

Now you’ve got this far – it’s important to keep your composure and just do exactly what your instructor has taught you to do. If you put the skills which you learnt in your lessons, into the actual test – you will pass with flying colours.