The Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying A Used BMW Motorcycle

You may be looking for a used BMW motorcycle because a new motorcycle may be out of your budget or may be the model you are looking for is out of circulation. Finding a BMW motorcycle to suit your style and need is confusing. You need the know how to buy a bike, especially so if you are looking for a used bike.

Where to look for a used BMW

You can search online for a Used BMW motorcycle. There are many websites that list the motorbikes available for sale. You can also go to the websites of used motorcycle sellers such as to browse their collection and select a used BMW.

Physical assessment

You need to evaluate the physical condition of the BMW you are buying. You should assess whether the motorbike is showing unusual damage and wear and tear or is it in a normal shape after a routine usage. If possible take a mechanic with you to access its physical and internal condition.

Next step of physical assessment is the test ride, for this you should ask the seller to keep the motorbike cold. When you reach the seller’s showroom, it is vital to check the engine and exhaust for warmth. If it is cold then you can proceed, start the bike and check the idle for any sputter and rattle.

After warming up the BMW you can take it for a test ride, you need to pay attention to the sounds and the feel of the bike for any potential problems. If you are careful with the physical assessment and test ride of the bike, it will be a tremendous help in negotiations and it will prevent future expenses.


Find out the normal market price of the model you are looking for and compare it to the motorbikes available for sale. If there is a price discrepancy in the form of over or under pricing then you need to talk to the seller and scrutinize the bike condition in detail to find out the reason for the discrepancy. A price discrepancy could be just ignorance on the seller’s part or it could be a cover to hide a bad deal.

After all the checkups and preparation you can proceed with the negotiation. The price negotiation will greatly depend on the above-stated factors and your mechanic’s opinion. After finalizing the price and necessary documentation you can be the proud owner of a BMW motorcycle.