Palmer Administrative Services Offers Extended Vehicle Warranties

Like any other piece of machinery, your car will eventually require repair. Wear and tear on the engine, transmission and other components cause damage that can lead to expensive repairs. Palmer Administrative Services offers an extended vehicle warranty that protects you for the expense of repairs once the vehicle’s original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Palmer Administrative Services provides a warranty that is independent of the manufacturer’s warranty. If the original warranty is expiring or you buy the vehicle used, adding the extended warranty continues to provide the same type of protection as the original manufacturer’s warranty but gives you freedom in choosing your repair shop.

A Palmer Administrative Services extended warranty provides owners with a safeguard in the event of unexpected vehicle repairs. It can help to prevent undue financial stress while covering the repair costs. In some cases, it is possible to transfer the extended warranty to a future owner, which increases the resale value of the vehicle. Buyers appreciate the peace of mind the extended warranty provides with a nominal transfer fee.

Palmer Administrative Services offers several levels of extended warranty, ranging from the Basic Plan to the Elite Exclusionary Plan. These different plans allow you to select the right coverage for your vehicle and your budget.

The Basic Plan covers the vehicle engine. Vehicle engines are the most likely component to need repair and engine repairs are often the most expensive. The basic plan is a good choice if you drive an older vehicle, as it can help you keep your car on the road.

If you plan to keep your vehicle long beyond the time you end making payments to the bank for its financing, you might prefer the Powertrain Plan. In addition to covering the engine, this plan covers the transmission, another expensive component to repair. While most modern transmissions are dependable, the longer you drive your car, the more likely you are to experience transmission issues.

The Classic Plan covers everything on the Powertrain Plan plus your water pump and air conditioning system. It is a comprehensive plan and provides great coverage for the family car. If you also want coverage for your fuel system, the Premier Plan is the best choice for you.

The Royal Select Plan offers bumper to bumper service for every component of a vehicle except a turbocharger. The Elite Exclusionary Plan even offers coverage for the turbocharger.  Regardless of the plan you select, you are still responsible for wear items such as light bulbs along with routine maintenance. Wear items are those parts that normally deteriorate with normal use, and include the brakes, shocks, tires and light bulbs.

If you live on a fixed budget and to not like surprises, such as an expensive bill for auto repair, protection from Palmer Administrative Services is often an ideal solution for your protection. When you plan to keep a vehicle beyond the original warranty the extended service contract continues to provide similar protection. As with any type of extended warranty or insurance coverage, it pays to do your homework before you buy, but many satisfied customers agree that Palmer Administrative Services offers the protection they need for the mechanical systems of their car.

While some companies offer less expensive extended warranties, they cannot match the coverage of a Palmer Administrative Services extended warranty. Palmer offers a variety of warranties, so it is easy to select one to fit your budget. With the company’s easy to use service, you can ensure your car stays in great shape and provides you years of service, even if the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Using Palmer Administrative Services coverage to ensure your car is repaired quickly helps to protect its resale value.