Make Auckland Your Next Travel Destination

No matter if you come alone or in a large group, there is nowhere quite as beautiful or exciting as Auckland, New Zealand, especially if you have a taste for adventure. As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland is the proud host for millions of tourists each year as they pour into the city to explore its hidden secrets. There are more beaches here than you can explore in a week, and many friendly locals are happy to show you around and share stories of adventure and life.

The Beach

Even if you stay in the middle of the city, you will always have a beautiful beach located close at hand with plenty of space for you and any companions to enjoy. The sheer number of beaches available means that you can always find a small, private area to play and explore without having to sit within inches of another visitor. With a coastline where you can walk alone for hours without losing sight of the shore, you and anyone else in your group are sure to share some breathtaking memories during your time in New Zealand.

Outside of the city, the Piha and Bethells are just a couple of the famous beaches New Zealand is known for, and you will experience something new at each one. Sandcastles, sunglasses, sunscreen, sailing tours, and much more are all available right off the shores of this beautiful country. Once you arrive, you are unlikely to want to return to your life back home.


No matter if you plan to stay for a few days or several weeks, you cannot afford to use public transportation to get around the city and its beaches. With so much to explore and see, an Auckland rental car may be the only choice that can ensure you visit every item on your itinerary without exception. The many hidden locations and just out of sight treasures cannot be reached using a city bus or taxi, which is why a car rental is the most convenient option.

You can nearly always choose to have your rental car brought to the airport, or there are airport shuttle services available to help you get to your vehicle. However you get to it, the car you rent for your trip will be yours to take anywhere in the city and beyond at your whim and on your schedule. This will ensure you never miss out on any fun that might happen outside of local transportation operation hours.

The Festivals

If you come to Auckland at the right time of year, there are a number of amazing festivals held that celebrate art, music, food, culture, and more. One such festival well known for its fun is the Chinese New Year festival. Other festivals include the Auckland Arts Festival and the Pasifika Festival, making this city one that is always ready to party. No matter your tastes, you can explore something you love with many others who share the same passions and love of excitement, making this the best holiday you could ever book for yourself and those who might travel with you.