These Car Features Make Changing Lanes More Safe

Manufacturers seem to be adding more and more safety features as “standard package,” when selling new car models. One main reason is the importance which drivers are placing on safety. The simple fact that your insurance rates go down when you are a safer driver, and your vehicle helps keep you safer on the road, is reason enough for drivers to opt to buy vehicles which have these built in safety features. So for drivers who are looking to buy a new car, it is important to get educated about safety features, those which are standard as well as optional features in the car, so you can make the right decision when investing in a car. These are a few which will make changing lanes safer, easier, and help avoid those dangerous blind spot collisions which were a problem for so many drivers in years past.

Blind spot warning – 
As the name implies, this will inform you when there is a car in your blind spot, you simply can’t see in your rear view mirror when you are changing lanes. Using a radar camera to monitor your blind spot, a dash icon will light up to let you know a vehicle is in your blind spot. Many cars also feature an audible alert, so you keep focuses and don’t move over when there is a vehicle you can’t see.

Back up cameras, sensors, and other audible alerts are built in to newer model vehicles today. Although not standard with most cars, they do make it easier and safer to not only change lanes, but to back out of the driveway, pull into a spot, speed ahead of slowing traffic, and otherwise move in unconventional ways when driving.

Lane departure warning – 
This is another camera or sensor device which is installed in many newer model cars today, which will warn you when you are departing from your own lane, if you do not have a turn signal on to do so. A sensor is activated and noise alert will go off if your car sways into a foreign lane, and you do not have the turn signal on in order to move over towards that lane. Many cars also have an additional feature which is intended to help keep you in the middle of your own lane (avoid too much movement when driving), if you do not have the turn signal on. Not only will this help you stay centered, it will help avoid drivers bumping, swaying, and otherwise distracting other drivers on the road when they are in busy lanes and intersections on the road.

Of course not all cars come with these features, and many are optional meaning there is an up-charge when buying a new car. But, for those who believe safety is the most important thing when buying a car, these are a few safety features to consider, if you want to stay in your lane, and avoid those dangers when you are on busy streets and intersections in certain areas while driving.